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Tuning into Desire

This past weekend, I attended the most incredible day retreat just outside of town.

This special, magical self-exploration program was one I had been eyeing for 4 years, ever since its inception. Its beautiful purpose spoke to me from day 1… and yet it took me 4 years to finally join. I always seemed to have other engagements, conflicts or some type of everyday life excuse as to why I couldn’t commit.

I must admit - do you know what it finally took for me to say yes?

A personal invitation from the host.

It was such a simple gesture, one without any undertone or expectation, and yet it caused a profound shift in me. That simple ask finally made me stop and ask myself, why not now? Why do I keep saying no?

This entire time, my brain had been defaulting to all the reasons why I couldn’t make it work. It turns out, all these reasons were just my brain’s way of trying to keep me in my comfort zone. Her invitation caused me to pause, to notice what I was doing on default mode, and to offer myself the opportunity to choose differently.

I chose to instead look for all the reasons why I could, why I should, say yes.

And that’s exactly what I did: I finally said yes to myself.

This experience got me thinking about listening to our desires. As working moms, we have so many responsibilities and everyday obligations, that our desires can easily begin to fade into the background.

We say things to ourselves like,

There’s no time for this.

That’s selfish of me.

There are so many other important things for me to do.

I’ll wait for life to get less busy.

These are all the things my default mind offered to me when I was considering this retreat, when I kept saying no. Once I took a closer look, I realized that they were all optional thoughts that I was choosing to believe.

Did any of them truly serve me in the long run?

Not if I wanted to grow.

Not if I wanted to truly listen to what I desired.

I finally listened more closely to what my heart was trying to tell me all along.

I chose to believe something different instead: My desires are bigger than my comfort zone.

I finally gave myself permission to follow my desire, and let me tell you - it did NOT disappoint.

I am replenished.

I am fulfilled.

I am lit up.

I am grateful to myself for honouring my desires.

So, mama, if you’re anything like me, where your brain has been on default mode, offering you all the reasons why you can’t work with me right now, this is your sign.

I personally invite you to transform your life.

I invite you to follow your desire, one where you envision yourself thriving in your career without sacrificing the rest of your life.

One where there is joy and presence in your everyday.

One where you are the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

What if you chose to believe that all of this is possible for you?

What if you chose to trust that your desires are bigger than your comfort zone, too?

Connect with me to learn more about my 1-on-1 coaching program, and how will help you tune into and activate your desires, catapulting you toward clarity and action, creating for yourself sustainable, empowering results in your life.

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