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About Sarah-Beth

Brand Embodiment Coach, Visual Alchemist and Self-Healing Facilitator


As a sensitive soul who's walked the path of self-healing, I've experienced firsthand how embracing our sensitivity can not only transform our inner landscape but also deeply impact our physical well-being.

Having faced overwhelming emotions, self-doubt, and sensory sensitivities myself, I understand the uphill battle of healing. My journey has equipped me with valuable, relatable insights to support other sensitive souls in finding peace and balance along their own healing journey.


My path to embracing my sensitivity and reclaiming my true self is an ongoing journey of deep healing and self-discovery.

Growing up, I often felt like I didn't quite fit in.


The world seemed too loud, too overwhelming, and I struggled with labels like "shy" and "weird." I often tried to hide my true nature, conforming to what others expected of me, chasing success at the expense of my own happiness.

However, deep down, I knew my life felt misaligned. 


It wasn't until I hit rock bottom, buried under the pressures of motherhood and life, that I realized I was a highly sensitive person. Discovering this about myself was like finding a missing piece of the puzzle—it brought clarity and acceptance.

Embracing my sensitivity became the catalyst to my healing journey.


I learned to honour my emotions, set boundaries, and create spaces of peace amidst life's chaos.


This inner alignment didn't just bring me peace; it also transformed my physical health.

Living with hypertension and kidney issues for over a decade, I knew firsthand the toll that stress and disconnection can take on the body.


But armed with my newfound self-awareness and a passionate commitment to holistic wellness, I embarked on a journey of healing. Through self-nourishment and devotion, I not only healed my body but also rediscovered my vitality and purpose.

I now live hypertension-free and with both kidneys functioning normally.

My journey is a testament to the power of self-love and resilience.


As an Integrative Self-Healing Facilitator, I help others on their own paths to healing, offering support and practical tools to navigate life as a sensitive soul.


Together, we create spaces where sensitivity is celebrated, and where true healing can flourish—a reminder of the strength that lies within each of us to heal our wounds, reclaim our authenticity and embrace the fullness of who we are.


My life story includes loss and rediscovery of self, mindset empowerment, reconnection to my body, emotional processing, multiple reconstructions of my identity, spiritual awakening, and inner compass activation.

It also includes all of the mundane human experiences that we're often quick to dismiss, but as I've come to learn, are where the beauty and the magic really exist.

I am learning to be present for all of life's moments, big and small.


Countless successes, failures and lessons throughout. 

It will be a lifelong journey of exploration and growth.


And I'm here for it all.

I live in Ottawa, Canada, with my husband of 12 years, Chris, and our beautiful boys, Max (8) and Theo (4). Outside of my business, I have a passion for all kinds of creativity, especially watercolour painting and writing, and I find bliss through fresh cut flowers, yoga, nature, and cheese. Energy is my love language.

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  • Reiki Levels I & II (2024)

  • ACC Accreditation, International Coaching Federation (2023)

  • Intuitive Intelligence Method Qualification (2023)

  • EQi 2.0/360 Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification (2023)

  • Coaching Foundations, BetterUp (2023)

  • Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Qualification (2022)

  • Resilience Coaching Certification (2021)


  • Master of Business Administration, University of Ottawa (2016)

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), University of Ottawa (2007)

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