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A simple process to Have More Fun (or set a new goal)

Over the holidays, I carved out some introspective time to look back on my past year. During my deep self-reflection, I became acutely aware of the parts of me I wanted to keep, and the parts that I wanted to shift in the year ahead.

One of the areas that felt misaligned to my authentic self was this felt sense of heaviness: everything was getting SO SERIOUS.

At work, in my business, at home.

To me, "serious" feels bumpy (imagine going off-roading, and not in the exciting, adventurous way) and burdensome, almost like there's a coating of mud on my body, dragging me down.

It was such an important observation, one I couldn't unsee.

I thought about a trajectory that continued to prioritize seriousness - and that didn't feel good. It was a path that could easily lead to burnout, which was the opposite of what I wanted.

And so, this year, I am committed to infusing more FUN into my life.

Even though at first, I didn't actually know what fun truly meant to me, I started with what I did know: how fun FEELS to me.

Light, uplifting, joyful, free.

(Sit with these feelings for a moment. Breathe them in. How do they feel to you?)

Then I dug deeper to better understand the concept of fun, by reading Catherine Price's book, The Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again.

She describes fun as requiring a combination of three elements:

Connection - you feel connected to someone else (or yourself) in the experience

Playfulness - you take a lighthearted approach without concern for a specific outcome

Flow - you're immersed in the moment, not paying attention to the passing of time

That's when it clicked for me.

I now understood exactly what I needed to turn the SERIOUS dial down and the FUN dial up. From there, I identified easy actions I could take to embody more fun, and got started.

Doesn't that sound simple?

It really was, and that's because I used 3 simple steps to guide myself to clarity:

1. Generate self-awareness. What is it that I want to change?

2. Understand more deeply. Why do I want to change? what does it look like/feel like/mean to me?

3. Create an implementation roadmap. How do I need to think and act to make this desired change a reality?

These are the three parts of the proven process I take my clients through to help them determine exactly what they want to change in their life, and make it happen.

This approach is applicable to any goal or desire.

It's so adaptable, so powerful, yet so simple.

I am an expert in this process, which is why my clients get the results they are looking for in a shorter timeframe when compared to trying to do it on their own. The magic factor is having consistent support, an insightful sounding board and a mirror into your mind.

The change journey feels more empowering, less lonely, and way more FUN.

Now is your time to join me. I warmly invite the woman who is committed to her own change journey this year - one where, on the other side, passions are activated and fulfillment is inevitable.

Imagine a life that excites you, where you have more energy for yourself and your loved ones, where you are flourishing both at home and at work.

This life is available to you today.

This invitation to work with me is your catalyst.

Take the first step by booking a free call with me to explore what working 1-on-1 with me would look like and how I can help you courageously generate and sustain the changes you desire to make in your life.

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