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Healing Art Commissions

Unlock a sacred vessel for healing energies with your personalized art print.

Custom-tailored to your unique essence, each print is a personalized conduit of divine frequencies, meticulously crafted to elevate both your space and your spirit.

Drawing upon sacred geometry, archetypal energies, colour vibration and symbolism as the language of the subconscious, our artwork is crafted with intention to harmonize and uplift. 


As you welcome these energies into your space, you support a gentle realignment of your own energetic frequency to align to your highest expression and clear out any negative or stuck energy in your inner being. 


Expect an ever-flowing stream of healing energy that never fades, delivering exactly what you need for your highest good.


Soothe and elevate your soul leveraging the healing power of our channeled imagery.

You will receive a digital print, with option to purchase a canvas or framed print.

Visual Healing

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